Moucheg Mouradian head shot

I Am Moucheg Mouradian

About me

I’m Moucheg, a french entrepreneur and freelance mobile applications developer specialised in iOS development. I put my passion at the service of startups in order to transform their projects into mobile applications.

Although I mainly work as an iOS developer, I am open to other platforms and technologies and have experience in Android development.

Currently located in Marseille (France), I work remotely but can work at your offices depending on their locations. I am also really interested in tackling new challenges in South Korea, Singapore, Hong-Kong and many other places so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me even if you are not located in the places listed above.

Like all frenchmen, I live off baguette, cheese and wine obviously!

Hire me, I’m really good !


INNOVAPPS is the company under which I provide my mobile development services. But it isn’t only limited to mobile development. I have UI/UX designers, web developers and other mobile developers as partners with whom I can work with on your projects.

So wether you need a developer or an entier team to work on your projects get in touch with me !


Knowledge is undeniably important but being a great IT engineer and developer isn’t only about what you know. The most important aspect in any IT project is one’s ability to find innovative ways and ideas to solve the problems you encounter. I’ve had the chance to work on some projects where I didn’t have any choice but to solve problems by myself which have allowed me to greatly improve my problem solving skills.

Transparency is important to me. Thus, whenever we collaborate on a project, you will be part of it and will actively participate in it’s achievement by regularly giving your feedback on what has been done in order to build the best product that suits your and your company’s needs.

Transparency also means letting you know when I face some problems as well as redirecting you towards someone that I think can provide more value to your project (even if it means me not getting the job).


Get in touch

Get in touch with through e-mail or send me a message on LinkedIn so that we can discuss about your projects.